Context tags need to sort in front of areas

Recently I tried to resort my tags. I wanted to see all my contexts on top and in front of every other tag in the filter views and in the tag selector. Usually this is done by finding the right prefix for every kind of tag.
After a few trial and error paths I realized that the tags are grouped by type (area, label, contact
) - although contacts and labels are mixed.

The usual alphanumeric sorting comes into play not until inside the specific tag-group

In daily usage scenarios I more often switch between contexts and contacts. Changing areas does not happen that many times.

I would vote for giving up the tag-grouping all together and to just sort alphanumeric on the whole batch of tags - this way everyone can built his own order of tags by using prefix and things like that.

Alternatively sort the tag-groups in following order:

  1. labels (contexts)
  2. contacts
  3. areas

I may add, that I have about 15 areas which should explain why I think this would be useful.
A workaround that I just started using, is moving the majority of my areas to labels, then I can trick them to wherever I want them. I still have two real areas “work” and “personal” and a lot of sub areas which I then setup as labels with the plus sign (+) as prefix
Of course I can no longer switch between my sub areas with the area selector, but I think that’s the best compromise for now.

How do other users handle this? Does this even matter for the rest of the everdoers?

Edit: added some more insight, corrected a misunderstanding and moved the thing to “usage questions”.

Sadly the sorting on the mobile android app is completely different.
Means I fixed the sorting on the desktop and made it even worse on the mobile apps.
Is there any chance to get the same sorting or is this something that is defined by the OS?

On the desktop:


On Android:


any ideas or workarounds?

I need to check why this happens. It should be fixed if possible.

I guess you could try using letter or number prefixes for now

This issue was discussed previously and it is vital for me.
@Andrei Please consider this feature for the next update.

To be clear, are we talking only about tag ordering in the filter section?

Could you please remind me or link the discussion on why moving areas to the end is useful?

Why is moving the 15 areas to the end an improvement?

Sorry if it’s been discussed, I have trouble remembering the reasoning.

I personally don’t see much difference either way, even though I think putting areas first is more logical. The problem is that we have just changed the ordering recently to accommodate a user request and it looks like there is no single solution for everyone.

First, I mean Area of Focus/Responsibility, which may not be the same as the area of everdo for most users.
The area of everdo in my opinion is more like a workspace, if you only have two workspace everything is fine.
In my initial setup all my AoFs were setup as everdo areas. That’s why I had to scroll a lot (especially on android) every time I needed to reach my contexts because they are not at top in the tag selector.
Even on desktop it is difficult to identify the needed context real fast just by visuals, if they are not near the left start or top of list in the filter or the tag cloud.

Adding some visual distinction between the different tag types in the filter bar may help, too. Although this wouldn’t help with scrolling on android.

Personally I even would prefer separating the contexts from the labels even more (not just by the @ sign.) by adding a new tag type “context”

I thought I understand your issue, but now I’m confused. Which part of the app we are talking about and which platform?

Suppose you create 15 areas as Everdo Areas. Could you please make a list of specific issues this will cause for your workflow. Make sure to mention which platform your are talking about and which part of the UI.

Android: everywhere a tag is used (filter, tagging etc.)
Win Desktop: Tag cloud in the nav panel and the filter bar that is shown top of every list.

When I have 15 everdo areas and lots of other tags, then on…

Android:I have to scroll a lot to reach contexts or contacts

Win desktop it’s hard to find the right label (context) or contact in the filter bar because the different types don’t stand out. And since the shown tags are not at the same position on different lists its hard to orient and find the right one fast. (because the shown tags depend on what tags are available in any given list)

I think better to redesign the tag picker on Android so that the space is used more effectively and all tags can fit on one screen without scrolling.

Here is where I don’t understand the point of reordering the tags.
Since they are filtered dynamically, they still won’t have a fixed place so you end up having to scan until you find the right tag.

Yes, not at a fixed place, but still grouped together.

At the moment all tags look the same:
Work, Personal, !Dingbatz, @Home,@Computer, @Errands, This, That, Car, Book,John, Mike, James, Sarah,
All look the same.

Now if you have a visual idea what an area, context or contact looks like, it’s easier to find them.

As an example, let’s say areas are bold, context italic and contacts normal. It’s much easier to identify the group of tags where the one specific tag your are looking for, belongs to.

Work, Personal, !Dingbatz, @Home, @Computer, @Errands, This, That, Car, Book, John, Mike, James, Sarah

Now if I look for an context I immediately know that I have to look for the tags that look like context tags (bold, italic font).

Now if I look for an contact I immediately know that I have to look for the tags that look like contact tags (normal font).

Additionally I would like to see different types for contexts and labels.

Attention: I don’T vote for fonts a visual indicator. It’s just an easy way to demonstrate.