Convert a project back to a next action or inbox item

sometimes it would be useful to move a project back to the inbox or convert it to a next action.

Not a high prio, though

This is already possible.
Just drag the project to the inbox.

You mean on mobile?

(I hate when developers view the mobile app as just a companion for the desktop app. Ugh.)
Thanks, I was desperately looking for a button or something but couldn’t find one.
I started looking for this on my mobile, couldn’t figure out how to do it and then tried on my pc.

Just today I was thinking about the fact that my main device used to be my win machine for a looooong time but really isn’t any more since 1-2 years, although I use an ultramobile high power surface device.
My mind did not catch up with this fact, yet.

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I’ve talked with Andrei about this a tiny bit.
But I’ve noticed this trend for years now and there is really almost no way around it that

The people who make software are desktop centric people by nature. They spend their work days sitting at a machine and interacting with that and their mobile phone use case is just not the average.

What happens is they tend to see mobile devices as like a companion app for the main desktop app. In reality, while people may sit at computers quite a great deal, the computers are often not their own. They belong to the company they work for. The desktop centric use case is not the norm. Definitely not for me - a public school teacher.

It’s actually a great miracle that smart phones exist in the first place because they were created by desktop users.

The demand is huge. We’ve got quad-core 6gb ram 1080p viewing powerhouses in our pockets. I shouldn’t need to go find a desktop to get stuff done.

If we’re going to make a GTD app it better be more convenient than a pad of paper or a desktop. Otherwise there is little need for it.

The power of GTD on mobile is everything it can do that pads of paper can’t .

  1. search and filter
  2. saving time duplicating tasks
  3. copy and paste
  4. batch editing
  5. reminding
  6. backup to cloud
  7. durability
  8. speed of entry
    And much more

Without taking advantage of these, there is no reason for anyone to use an app over a pad of paper.

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There are reasons for that, one of which is how much of a pain mobile development is compared to desktop. One often needs to bend backwards to implement the most trivial stuff.

When it comes to the Project->Inbox conversion use case being discussed here, I agree it should definitely exist on mobile.

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