Convert item with subtasks into project



Not sure how much work or needed this feature might be, but figured I’d put in a request for it anyways.

The “problem” that I sometimes have (and this might be a personal workflow issue instead), is that sometimes an item with subtasks grows too big and I’d like to convert it into a project.

Now, while it currently supports dragging the item onto the Projects header and convert into a project, it still keeps the original subtasks listed in the project description, while in most likely case I’d intend to convert the subtasks into their own items, which I currently have to do manually.

So I was wondering if there was any possibility for that to happen automatically (maybe have a popup that asks if subtasks should be extracted or not, if any are found)

Curious to hear if this seems like something that could be beneficial for others as well


It’s seems like a nice feature, and not difficult to add.
One challenge is to make it discoverable, yet unobtrusive. A pop-up is certainly not the way to go here. Maybe a button at project description level to convert description into sub-actions?


Sure, a button would be good.
Guess it could either be shown normally in the project description (maybe only if it detects any subtasks to extract), or have it shown when editing the project description.
Not sure what would be most ideal


Gonna experiment with this. Thanks for the idea!


This was easy enough. Released in 1.1.8 -


Oooh, I like it.
Cheers for the prompt implementation