Converting someday task to note causes note to disappear

This isn’t something that’s going to affect most people but there is a bug when converting a task in the Someday/Maybe folder to a note in a notebook.

I’ve been playing around with different ways to keep my shopping list in Everdo. I have a shopping area and contexts for each type of store so I can easily keep track of what I need to purchase. Some items I don’t have a pressing need for but know I will want in the future I moved to the Somday/Maybe folder. Today I decided to convert my shopping list to a notebook and convert all tasks to notes.

The error occurs when you choose a notebook for a task while it’s in the Someday/Maybe folder, it disappears. The notebook says it has the correct number of notes and if you convert the notebook to a project the tasks are still there but you cannot access them as long as they remain notes.

This only happens if you open the task while it’s in Someday/Maybe and choose a notebook from the drop down menu. If you drag and drop everything shows properly. z

The screenshot shows where there are 2 notes in this notebook. One I chose the notebook from the drop down menu, the other I used drag and drop. As you can see, I have all areas and all tags enabled but only 1 of the 2 notes is visable.

I have confirmed this. Should be easy to fix. Thank you.