Couple of beginner Everdo questions


I’m currently looking for a new GTD Tool. I have been on Todoist for a long time, but I want something encrypted, and while googling around this one came up! :slight_smile: However, since I have a fairly “big” GTD set-up now I would like to ask some questions before I start moving everything over. I have tried the app, so the questions comes after some small usage.

  1. Is there any way to have a project that uses both “Parallel” and “Sequential” tasks? I have some projects that has tasks that need to “wait” until I have done another task, but sometimes I also have a mix of tasks that can be done in different contexts.

Project: Fix my bike

  1. Re. bike lamps, what should I get Context: Computer (I’m not allowed to use @ more than twice since I’m a new user)
    1.2 (This task require me to have task 1. finished): Buy new bike lamps Context: Errand
  2. Remove bell from old bicycle Context: Home

As you see in that example I can do task 1 and 2, but not 1.2. Is there any way for me to make the app understand this and show me the tasks I can do?

  1. I know it says the app has encrypted sync (for 1€ a month when you sign up for a year), what kind of encryption does it use? E.G. Can you the developer read my task list somehow? Or is the encryption done so it is only ever de-crypted with my own password on devices I own. In my case it would be three different computers and one Android phone.

  2. Are there any plans to adding attachment support to the app? I understand if not since that would require a lot more server space when people use the encrypted storage. However, I’m still curios, since I have ended up using attachment a fair lot in Todoist.

  3. In the Android app, is there any way to make the Contexts show up in the side bar for an even quicker access to them? I know there is the filtering stuff, but I rarely ever sort by due date, energy, or labels. I tend to almost always move between projects or my different context views. So I would love to have each context I have created in a quick swipe action away. :slight_smile: Like they show up in the sidebar on the desktop app for Linux.

  4. If I buy the app, do I get to use the app on as many devices as I like, or is there a limit before I need to buy another license?

I believe those are my first questions. Thanks for creating the app! It looks really interesting, so I’m quite eager to give it a deeper go, but before that I would just like to know it “handles” what I’m considering since I quite a lot to move if I change. :smiley:


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Unfortunately It’s not possible to have both sequential and parallel tasks in the same project. As a workaround you could use negative filtering by tag to filter-out blocked actions.

You can create as many tags as you want. The only limit is on Areas.

More info on encryption here Encrypted Sync Service | Everdo Help

It’s not possible for staff to read you notes / tasks and the encryption key is never sent to the server.

In short, no, please see Add image/file to item, Attachements

This is planned, but not implemented yet. As you have noticed, the contexts do show up in the Desktop and the iOS apps, so they should also be added in the Android app for consistency.

The license is per user, so you can install on as many devices as you need.

You are welcome. You might find it helpful to review the documentation in order to learn more about the primary features.


Sorry, that was in the forum not in the app. :smiley: When I added more @'s to my text it believed that I mentioned tons of people, and I was only allowed to mention two people as a new user. :slight_smile:

For the rest it all sounds quite good! I don’t mind not having attachments, I will just use Joplin for those as I did before I moved over to Todoist. :slight_smile: I also understand that the combination in a project doesn’t work. I haven’t found any app that allows this, and I also believe that according to GTD you shouldn’t really have more than one next action available in project. I believe!

Once again! Thanks for the quick answer. I will give Everdo a go for a month now (I signed up for the free sync trial), to see if it fits my needs! If it does, I’ll buy the full version and move my whole GTD system over from Todoist to Everdo. :slight_smile:

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You are right there, according to the GTD system you should only have next actions in your projects. It can be more than one as long as all of them can be completed given you are in the right context and none of them require the completion of something else first. In theory if something needs to wait for another task to be completed first then it’s not a next action.
I am always tempted by the idea of having both sequential and parallel behavior for projects as well, I think it comes from the fear that I will forget what I had planned as next task once completed current next action. So what I do now is listing the following actions as part of the description of the next action that needs to be completed first. Then, when the time comes to mark that next action as completed, I make a copy that I send to inbox as a reminder that I need to define the next next action.
Sounds more complicated than it really is, and anyways, I like that Everdo forces me to follow the GTD system as designed.

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