Crash when selecting project while processing

On my new device everdo crashes every time I try to access the project selector while processing.
I’m on Android 11. It’s working on my old device with Android 9. I already sent a crash report.
Everdo 1.2-12
I already did a clean pull to make sure the data is correct.

Thanks for sending the crash report. I will investigate as soon as it’s available.

Did you receive the report?
Were you able to identify the root cause?
Can I do something to help you?

Finally the reports have arrived. Only one user is affected so far and the OS is Android 11. It looks like there is enough detail to work out a fix.

Ok, so only I have the problem. Hm, somewhat weird. Do power optimization settings affect everdo? I suspect reminders could have issues, but not particularly the project selector.

You can try the updated version now (1.2-13)

Surprisingly I’m no longer able to reproduce the issue even with 1.2-12 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

FYI The 1.2 - 13 did not yet arrive at my device through the beta channel.

The Andoid App keeps crashing while I’m trying to change the parent from a note… I sent crash report!

Now everything is working fine!

Now I got version 1.2 - 14 and now it is crashing again.
To reproduce just open any item from the inbox and try to select a project.

I try to send a crash report but somehow this doesn’t work either.

It’s really strange that I’m not seeing any crash reports. The recent one that was fixed was probably not related to this issues. I will try to find another way. If you notice any pattern when this bug occurs or does not occur (item types, new/existing, created locally / synced, etc) that might help a lot.

I just tried sending another crash report