Create a task via email

Any plans to have a task creation option via email? Nozbe, another GTD app I use has this and it is a very useful feature when trying to get to inbox zero.



I don’t see an easy way to accomplish this without a centralized server, which we don’t have at this moment (by design).

On the other hand, when the encrypted sync service gets released (hopefully in a few months), this may become possible.

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How about now? Is this in the books? I like this platform for is encryption but email tasks are really important to me.

It can’t be done sooner because it needs the sync service to work. Without the sync service there’s simply no way to push items to your device.

How soon might this happen? Weeks, months, or next year? I’m using ESS, and it seems to be working fine. What other benchmarks need to be met before adding a task via email is possible?

It will still take a while, unfortunately. At least until the iOS app is more or less done, there’s simply no capacity to deal with complex features like this one.

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the update.

Definitely, this one should be on the improvements list.

In Android just hitting the share button from my email app let’s me send the email as a task in Everdo inbox.

Todoist let’s me forward the email to a task which is essentially the same thing.

I’m guessing that the problem is that there is no easy way to do this in the desktop version.

If you consider this feature one day, it would be great to bcc an Everdo adress to put task on waiting for list like

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The short path to this feature maybe would be to include a smtp or pop client with everdo and point it to a particular folder of emails that are appropriately filtered for use by everdo.

Would be a whole extra set of dependencys though. Not a simple UX either.

I would use it though. I want people to be able to drop stuff in my everdo inbox.

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That’s an interesting approach. It also would fit the secure and no clouds attached approach of everdo.

This makes me wonder if there are easy ways to integrate popular email clients with the Everdo API for creating tasks. The API could be easily extended based on the use case.

Hm, why not connect to the (or multiple) email inbox by IMAP.
Then let the user process the inbox from within everdo.
Is the email actionable: yes, copy subject, body and other basic meta info into an everdo next action or project.
If it’s not actionable : possibility to delete the email, if reference or someday let the user move the item to an other (maybe predefined) IMAP folder.

This approach is possible of course, but I’m afraid it’s too difficult to support well. It’s almost looks like integrating an email client UI into Everdo. But great email clients already exist, so integration would be preferable.

However I’m now realizing that I probably don’t understand the use case well enough. Why is this feature needed? What is the minimum functionality that needs to be implemented to be valuable?

I just can speak for myself.
There are several use cases:

  1. Adding stuff to inbox without access to everdo. The only way I can think of, on how this functionality could be achieved, is by sending an email to an email address that is directly attached to my everdo inbox. Like: (I personally don’t need the external access).

  2. Processing one or multiple existing email inboxes (That’s what I’m interested in the most)
    Currently I do this on my phone because I can share items form my email app with everdo.
    On my PC there is no easy way to do this. Okay I can copy and paste, but that feels 1990s like.

In my opinion there are three implementation possibilities:

  1. Develop extensions/integrations for Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail and what not.
  2. Connect to the email account by IMAP. IMAP is supported by every email provider (O365,Gmail …)
  3. Forward emails from my inbox to the adress

In my opinion the IMAP variant is the most elegant solution. There are IMAP libraries available that take care of all the provider related stuff.
It won’t require ESS subscription

The most easy one, probably is the but this would require a subscription and it would depend on a working service on your end. If everdo goes away this wont work anymore.

The direct integration into email clients maybe the most appealing solution but this really is support hell.


I think the best approach is to have an

This is how it works in Nirvana and it looks great! Just sending mails to “your” account. I think using the Sync server will be the best option.

It can be used to send mails from our inbox and to create tasks from more services. i use “email me” app to create task from the watch or my phone. Is super fast and really impressive. Is the best way to capture. Fast and clean

I use the app Braintoss, I think it’s available on android and on iPhone. It’s an app David Allen suggested
for capturing a while back.

Yes, I used before for many years, but this new app is faster (instant opening) and the watch app works really fine!!

Capturing with my wearOS watch is something I couldn’t get to work, iOS watchOS is so ahead compared to android.

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