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Thanks @Andrei for the update.

It is broken on my setup, app doesn’t launch after update. 1.3.6 works (with simply reinstalling over the 1.3.7 update).

Windows 10 (version 2004) … do you need more details?

What is happening when it doesn’t launch?

It popped up in task manager just for an instant and was interrupted. I have no idea by what though.

Could you try running the program from the command line and post the terminal output to me via PM?

I have the same issue - when starting the program I do not even see a process, When starting from the command line also nothing is shown :frowning:

Same configuration:
Windows 10 (2004 Fasttrack OS Build 19645.1)

However, when I reinstall 1.3.6 over it it works again (of course with the previous version)

Other remark: The link to the changelog from the email sends me to the previous version:

Investigating this. Looks like the issue happens on the latest Windows builds. We’ll try to roll out an updated app build asap.

If you have to revert, please download and install the previous version from

Thanks Andrei
If you need somebody to test a build let me know, ready to be guiny pig

So far it looks like the new version only fails on Windows version 2004, which is the most recent build and it is still not rolled out fully. It might have introduces some issues.

Hi Andrei,

That is the price we pay for using bleeding edge versions :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can go out of the Windows Insider Programm on the slow or release builds and will let you know if this makes a difference.


Well, fortunately we can still use previous version of Everdo!

I don’t think you can downgrade this version of Windows though, so it is too late for us move to slow or release insider rings. Also, the version 2004 introduces big changes in Windows, so, @Andrei, you can expect to have some troubles even with the stable release.

Here’s a similar ticket. A problem with a specific library when it runs on Windows 2004.

Does this other similar issue help you with a fix? Or how is this reference meant?

Don’t worry about it, I just posted it for reference. There doesn’t seem to be a way to fix it on the user side of things. I will post an update once a fixed build is available.

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Trying to roll out a hot fix update (1.3.8) today for several issues. Changes:

  • Fixed: App not starting for some users on the latest Windows 10 2004 build.
  • Fixed: Vertial alignment of text in the filter section buttons.
  • Fixed: Creating actions sometimes scrolls the list to the wrong position.
  • Fixed: Remove the “Press n to create a new item” placeholder after the item editor has opened.
  • Fixed: Error when using “Shift+N” to create an item in a previously empty list.