Creating tasks via API when laptop is on sleep

I have everdo on my Android phone, Macbook Pro and am a paying ESS user.

I am trying to create tasks from “Ok Google” style prompt from my Android phone.
This is helpful when I am driving and obviously don’t want to use my phone.

I have created a custom Google Assistant routine which sends a text message (to Google Voice) and an email (to Gmail) from the voice prompt. I now have to take this text message or email and parse it to make an API call. I am planning to use SendGrid for making the API call from email.

However, one problem I have is that everdo is on my laptop which is not always on. So, the API will not available then. Plus, I have to then mess with my home router to open up specific ports and ensure the IP is not dynamic. I couldn’t see the option to enable API on my phone app either (which is on when I will be using “ok google prompts”).

ESS is on all the time. One option is if I could make API calls to ESS from SendGrid for creating a task. I am open to other options and ideas too. Thoughts?