Current status of the project and 2023 roadmap

Hey @Andrei ,

I was wondering if Everdo is still under active development or if it has stopped for some reason?

I’m still on 1.8.2 but I just noticed 1.8.5 is already out. Didn’t get any update notification as usual and after looking into it I found out the Arch download is broken again (mentioned here) :thinking:.

Unfortunately this has not been fixed for two weeks now and while looking in the activity tab of your profile your last login was almost a month ago.

From my gut feeling I would say the update cycle in general has decreased in comparison to 2021 and 2022 too.

Would love to get some sign of life from your side and maybe some hint about the roadmap for 2023.

What is planned and what are the mid-term and long-term goals and visions for this project?



Seems like some of the questions have been answered here:

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Hi Christian, sorry for missing your post. The pacman link should be working now.