Dangerous bug with scheduled tasks on Windows Desktop App

Currently I noted a few repetitive scheduled tasks that show a “invalid Date” like in this screen.

Since I had this a few times the last days, I decided to investigate the issue further.
Then I found out that those defect tasks itself do not show anywhere. Not in the scheduled tasks section and even not in the next view.

I could only find them inside projects or as result of a search, but there is no way to reliably find every “defekt” task.

That leaves me with a real bad and insecure feeling that I can not trust my system.

I really need a way to reliably find those tasks to fix them - ideas?

I’ve the same here. But not only on Windows. The problem is also on Android but looks tehre a little bit different.



I also had syncing issues yesterday with Everdosync. Maybe it results from there?

I dont know how to find them. I notice it only, becaus a routine was missing. That’s in total a good thing. :smiley:

The Scheduled Task fired once yesterday and then it stucked.

@manu did you set an end for the repeating? I’ve chosen 60 times. Maybe this problem comes from the “End-Function”?

Ah yes that’s it. I have set an end date (December 2022) which already was reached so actually not a bug, but questionable why it is still in the system like a zombie.

Also, I edited the task with newer information and didn’t see the end date. But I can’t reproduce how this even was possible.

Did you reach the 60 repeats?

No I don’t reach the 60 repeats. I only was at one completition. :sweat_smile:

I’ve setup a test. Maybe I can reproduce the bug tomorrow.

Okay, I can’t reproduce it with this setup. :man_shrugging:
The test worked normal.

So a little concern will stay. Take away for me, really important reminders need to go on the calendar.