.deb link is broken (in some clients?) in the download email

Just a heads up, the link to download the .deb package in the welcome email did not work.

The link from the email:


The correct link:


Edit: This was the HTML version of the email from browser based client, using CTemplar

This might actually be a bug with the email client. I have just verified that the link in the outbound email is correct. Could you please view the source of the email and search for the line below? This is what I see in GMail (view source):

<a href="https://everdo.net/getting-started/?d=deb">.deb package</a> • 

Interesting. I just started using CTemplar so might not have been prudent of me to post these types of things quite yet. Here’s the output (Firefox 76.0)

<a href="https://everdo.net/getting-started/?d�b" target="_blank">.deb package</a>


In case of end to end encrypted email you are seeing this HTML code after the encryption/decryption cycle which could possibly mangle the message. It is indeed weird that most of the message is fine.

Could you try requesting the download link once more to see if the issue repeats?

I have double-checked both the email template on our side, and the incoming email, and everything looks fine.