Delete notebooks / drag-and-drop

How do you delete notebooks? Actually, it would be nice to be able to disable some features altogether. I probably won’t use Notebooks at all, and perhaps Contexts as well.

On the left-hand pane, Projects have drag-and-drop handles which makes it appear as if they can be reordered, but they cannot be reordered, nor can they be dragged into the Trash or anywhere else…

Similarly, the headers like “PROJECTS” and “NOTEBOOKS” can be dragged, but can’t be dropped anywhere.

  • Delete notebooks: click into the notebook section → right-hand pane, click the Trash icon next to the notebook you want to delete

Ah yes, thanks! It’s a little weird because if you click on a specific note, there’s no delete button.

Yes, it’s a bit confusing. Re-ordering this will be implemented eventually. For now it’s best to disable the dragging I guess.

I can see how those might be unnecessary in some setups.

Regarding Notebooks, I personally use them to store information closely related to task management. Things like goals, task templates, checklists, ideas, etc.
Notebooks in Everdo are obviously not for note-taking, but useful to store “almost actionable” things in one place.

I can definitely see how many/most folks would find Contexts and/or Notebooks useful. I guess the thing is, I really enjoy Everdo’s minimalist appearance but “CONTEXTS: no contexts to display” and “NOTEBOOKS: no notebooks to display” is a little distracting. If there was an option to hide them if they had no items (which would seem to follow the general theme of Everdo), that would be nice.

In previous GTD apps I used contexts for energy/time needed, but since Everdo has those as separate fields, I find myself not needing contexts in Everdo.

I think this approach would be best.

For now, you could just collapse the sections so that they occupy less space.

Fixed in 0.17.0. It’s no longer possible to drag or reorder those navigation elements.