Deleting tag in next actions not effective

OS: Manjaro Linux XFCE
everdo version: 1.5.14
kernel: 5.10.68-1-MANJARO

Synced device:
Model: Moto G5 (Android)

Saved a json of the bug (contains personal information).

Using Manjaro. When going into a next action to delete a tag, after saving it has no effect.

What it should do:
When clicking save the next action should not have the tag there anymore for that next action.

It seems I may have some insight into this. I think Everdo doesn’t tell you a tag is coming from the next action or from its project. The 2 tags look the same. Since the tag is on the project and again on one of its next actions then trying to get rid of it won’t work right?

I’m a new user. I ended up just getting rid of nearly all tags on all 8 projects. The only one I kept is a buy tag for the buy project. Bug seems to be gone.

That blog post on how to use areas effectively made me realize my project specific tags were not useful.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Do you consider this issue resolved or do you need help?

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Looks solved. Thanks.