Display repeat sequence on top of the item text box

I am often enough in the situation that there are too many items in the Focus section. Items I would attend to if I have time and which are mostly regular but in this particular week or day I won’t be able to attend. If I would know that an item repeats every two weeks I could simply mark it as done because the next instance will come. But presently I must search the scheduled Items and go into the repeat menu to find this information, mustn’t I?
If the repeat info would be somewhere visible, I could right away tick it as done or better not and do it.
It could be the first line in the text box. That is my workaround for the time being.

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Hello! I’m not sure it would be very useful enough to a large number of users to justify making it a feature. I think you workaround is perfect, however.

This is why I posted it here to see if there is an interest. But thanks for your reply.