Do not complete items when archiving


First, I would like to thank Andrei for this great product. I am in the “evaluation period” of the Everdo app, and I really like to use it.

Here is my issue: some projects/tasks get interrupted and I would like to be able to archive them rather then to delete them. However, when I do that, they are automatically marked as completed.

These items are not a good fit for the “someday” status, since they are not envisioned to be restarted later. But sometime it happens that I have to rescue them, and with all the items marked as completed, I totally loose track of what the actual situation of tose items were.

Would it make sense to change this behavior?

Thank you again and Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Thank you for taking time to write up your suggestion.

As you surely noticed, the Archive was intended to be a permanent place to store completed items. So the use case you have suggested was not considered before. In principle, I don’t see a problem with archiving non-completed items. But I think in the current implementation there are places in code that assume all archived items are completed, so it’s not an easy change to simply allow archival of incomplete items. I will enter this suggestion into a backlog with low priority, since it seems less impactful than some other pending features.