"Do not repeat until previous iteration is complete" doesn't work in a special case

I think, I found another bug with repeat action or perhaps it is a misunderstanding. Everdo 1.5.14 on Ubuntu.

I have a repeated action, that I created long time ago. It has to be done every 2 weeks on a Friday, but it should not repeat until the previous iteration is complete. Sometimes I had a suspicion that this task is scheduled too often, but I never made that effort to prove that. But this days that happened again and I searched for that special task and got this result, see below. You can see, when I completed the individual copies of that task. I missed that task on July 9th and did it a few days later on July 13th. Today, on July 16th is a Friday and that task is scheduled again, but that’s too early. Correct schedule date should be July 23th.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Another example of this issue: This task appears only every 2 months. The last copy I finished with a large delay of several weeks on July 21th. Now, on July 24th, a new copy of that task appears. With this settings I would expect this task in September next time instead of July 24th. This scheduled task wasn’t edited since 2019.