"Do not repeat until previous iteration is complete" doesn't work in a special case

I think, I found another bug with repeat action or perhaps it is a misunderstanding. Everdo 1.5.14 on Ubuntu.

I have a repeated action, that I created long time ago. It has to be done every 2 weeks on a Friday, but it should not repeat until the previous iteration is complete. Sometimes I had a suspicion that this task is scheduled too often, but I never made that effort to prove that. But this days that happened again and I searched for that special task and got this result, see below. You can see, when I completed the individual copies of that task. I missed that task on July 9th and did it a few days later on July 13th. Today, on July 16th is a Friday and that task is scheduled again, but that’s too early. Correct schedule date should be July 23th.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Another example of this issue: This task appears only every 2 months. The last copy I finished with a large delay of several weeks on July 21th. Now, on July 24th, a new copy of that task appears. With this settings I would expect this task in September next time instead of July 24th. This scheduled task wasn’t edited since 2019.

I think I understand what the problem is and looks like it’s by design.

When you have a bi-weekly task, the app will try to repeat it as soon as possible after the previous one is complete. It will not wait another two weeks.

If you simply want to repeat the task at an interval of 14 days, then you could schedule it as Daily + start date on Friday + every 14 days + do not repeat. Then it would always wait 14 days since last completion. Hence if you complete the first copy on Friday, the next copy will be created on Friday as well (2 weeks since completion)