Does sync (local or ESS) to android require GSF

Everdo on Ubuntu 22.04 and LineageOS 19.1 (Android 12), but I did not install Google Services when I installed LineageOS. Though I have tried both express and manual pairing, on both local network and ESS, no sync will occur either way.

When I try to log in to ESS manually from Android, a brief error message flashes up saying failure to login. This error message is not in the logs. The logs show only that the connection failed locally.

Kinda at a loss here, but since the app store says the app requires GSF and I don’t have that I’m thinking I might be stuck. Suggestions?

EDIT: logging into sync account, it now says the Android is logged in. Still no syncing in either direction, between the two devices.

I will take a look at why there is a Google services dependency, as I don’t think the application actually uses its functionality for anything important.

From the log I can see that

  • One of your computers (home) syncs correctly.
  • Another computer (Linux) has an encryption key mismatch.
  • The phone (pixel) is paired, but there are no sync attempts logged.

When you try to swipe down in the mobile app to trigger sync, does anything happen?

I’ve tried multiple times to sync the pixel, but when I swipe down, I get an error message saying “Sync not configured”

This error indicates that either the sign in did not work, or the encryption key is not specified in the sync settings. Please make sure the key is specified and try to sign out and sign in again in the android app.

Also, are you able to sign in at using a web browser on your device?