Done items still in project after archiving?

Is this intentional functionality?

I’m on 1.3.5 on Windows 8.1

Yes it is. Shouldn’t be?
It is very handy to have a quick access to archive within a project.

To my mind, if the items are done and not archived, they can serve as a reference for completed items. If they are archived, they should be out of view unless needed (in which case, you would look in the archive).

Not a big deal though, if others prefer it the way it is.

Brian, this is indeed intentional.

  1. It is often useful to easily see what has been completed in the past for the specific project.
  2. It is simply confusing to see only a few actions appear in a project, when in fact a whole bunch has already been completed

Ok, cool. Thanks for the replies.

I can always collapse the done section in projects anyway :+1:

Just to chime in on this - I can see why this is intended, but keeping both “done” and “archived” tasks grouped together defeats the purpose of archiving at all.

I personally have a lot of projects with TONS of tasks, so my archive/done lists can be cumbersome. Maybe a good middle ground would be to keep archived items in the project for those that would like to be able to see them, but put them in a separate list from the done items so that those of us that don’t want to see archived items can collapse that list.

I think this might be the right solution.

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