Don't move completed actions to Done

Hello , I love your program , I am using Ubuntu and your program is the one who can gives me all I want about “Todo List”
The only thing is :
Please don’t put action in the “Done” category after we check the check box of an action.
It would be much better if when we click on check box , the action doesn’t move to “Done” and it just checks the check box .

Sorry but, I actually LOVE that it moves to “done”.

I always hated how Todoist was cluttered up with finished tasks.

I like to keep finished tasks because instead if making new ones I often just reanimate old ones or clone them.

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You know , I think if they put an option in the setting that we can choose whether it goes to Done or not , it would be really fantastic , don’t you think ??

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Yes, that’s true. Sorry. I’m a jerk sometimes :joy:

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Before considering any change the the application, It’s important to know why it’s useful. Please elaborate.

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To be honest , it’s not very useful for most people, but for me, it’s important when I open the program, just see what I have done and what I haven’t , but with this version I have to open Done and see it , I know maybe it’s not that important to you , but it is to me and maybe other users too !
and another thing that I think it’s useful is putting and icon in task bar (tray icon) so every time we close the program , it doesn’t actually close and just minimize the app to the tray bar (taskbar) the icon goes to the top bar (in UBUNTU is in the top as you know ) like for example Uget program in this picture Screenshot%20from%202019-07-08%2011-40-22

But can’t you already see what has been done by scrolling to the bottom?

All the done tasks are right there neatly together.

I actually don’t understand how what you want is different from what already exists 0_o

I think it’s still not clear what the benefit of this approach is, even for a small set of users.

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