Download for linux ARM architecture

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 with Nextcloud as a central server in my home to sync my calendar, contacts, photos, documents, etc. among all my devices so I don’t have to use a third party service such as Google.

It would be a nice feature if I was able to run Everdo on my Pi as well.

The only thing I can’t sync without my desktop being turned on are my Everdo tasks. I know I could just leave my desktop on with Everdo running but I like to shut it down when it’s not in use because with storms here we get a lot of power fluctuations. Even with surge protectors I’d rather not chance the damage to my computer. I don’t worry about the Pi because it’s fairly cheap to replace if there should be a power surge.


I’ll +1 this. I’m considering getting a Pinebook for using when I’m on the move, as it’s light and cheap - but it’s an ARM processor, so it wouldn’t run Everdo at the moment. THat’s an issue if I want to take my todo list with me.

Is it just an issue of having a suitable build environment, or are there technical blockers to an ARM build?

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Let me try making an experimental ARM build for the next update and see how it goes. I’ll send you a link to test.


Thank you for at least seeing if this is possible. It’s not difficult to make sure all my devices are synced now, I’ve made myself a task that reminds me to open the app on all my devices while my desktop is on, but it would be nice to be able to just open the app anywhere and know it’s always up to date without having to use a third party service.

I have a small home server running a number of things on an old Netbook with Intel Atom. I would have changed to Raspberry Pi, but I don’t want to lose Everdo. It would be fantastic to have an ARM build.