Drag & Drop in sidebar

Whenever I’m reviewing projects, it’s such a stopper when I have to click back up to Projects, find my place, and drag my project to the position in the list where I would want it to be.

Pretty please: dragable sidebar (projects)


Do you review the projects in the sidebar? I thought it has too little information to be useful for review.

I agree with ruudhein. It’s not really about review, for me at least, but setting priorities between the projects.

It doesn’t really matter where I start my review as part of my review is to click into the project to see the actions. So then I’m in the project, and when I want to reorder the project’s position, I have to navigate to the project list instead.


  1. Click into project
  2. Click to project list
  3. Drag to reorder


  1. Click into project
  2. Drag to reorder

I agree with @ruudhein, this is a nice to have feature

I think everyone would agree it’s a nice to have thing.
This wasn’t implemented form the beginning to reduce the scope of work and ship more important features faster.

After attempting the implementation several times, I can say that there’s a technical challenge there. I have personally spent hours to make it work, but it just doesn’t work properly because of the complexity of different drag and drop interactions already present.

Furthermore, one of the features to be added in the near future is the ability to group projects in navigation by area, which makes it even harder (and less useful) to implement sidebar sorting.