Due date set for today but UI show's "Due Tomorrow"

I recently migrated from Nirvana and manually triple checked that all due dates were set identically on both accounts after the migration, but now that I’m starting to use Everdo I’m noticing mismatches in the due dates that are actually set on an item and when the UI says it is due.

For example just now I noticed a task in Nirvana that is marked as “Due Today” was marked in Everdo as “Due Tomorrow”. When I checked the due date set for the task both Nirvana and Everdo had it set as October 3rd. If I manually set the due date on the task in Everdo to October 3rd (even though it already says it is due on October 3rd) it then says “Due Today” in the UI.

The above was observed and tested in the macOS desktop client, so I set my iPhone to airplane mode and opened the Everdo iOS app and confirmed it had the same issue with reporting that task as due tomorrow but having a due date set for today before it synced. After that I turned off airplane mode and allowed Everdo iOS to sync which resulted in the UI showing “Due Today” on iOS.

I did do a portion of the migration from Nirvana to Everdo while traveling but it was only a 3 hour timezone difference so I’m not sure how that could result in this kind of issue, especially since the due dates are all still set correctly. I’ve noticed this happening several times where a task I migrated to Everdo has the due date being reported by the UI as one day later than Nirvana has it even though I inventoried them all and made sure they were set properly during the migration, but this is the first time I had observed that the date was set correctly on the task and that it was just the UI reporting when it was due that was incorrect. Anyone else see anything like this?