Due dates not updating on macOS client until app is restarted

This is a bug I’ve seen for awhile but haven’t gotten around to reporting until now.

Say I have a task named “Report Bug” and I set a due date for 5 days from now, if I leave Everdo open on my macOS device for those 5 days it will still say “due in 5 days” for that entire time. I’ve had to develop a habit of quitting and opening the macOS Everdo client every time that I need to use it to ensure that tasks are showing accurate due dates. After a restart the due dates always show the correct due date.

Not sure if this is related but I’ve seen some similar weird behavior relating to time zones. Whatever bug is occurring with time zones is harder to nail down because I’m not changing time zones all that often, but it does appear that if I set due dates or schedule a task in a different time zone than the one I’m in then when the due date or scheduled date arrives it does not register properly in the macOS Everdo client.

It’s possible these all affect other versions of the Everdo client as well, but the macOS one is what I’m primarily working in so I wouldn’t notice it. I should note that I do have a Windows Everdo client that is running at all times on my home server to facilitate API use, but due dates are almost always set on my macOS client.

bumping this, any update?

Are you sure you need to restart the app for the dates to be updates? If you try changing your list to another and then back, does that work?

Tested this again and looks like changing the list to another and back does refresh the due date status so I guess this can be considered a known bug, not sure how I missed that.

Any idea if this is related to issues I’ve seen with scheduled/due dates that were set in other time zones having issues? Hard for me to reproduce the behavior to summarize it when I’m not changing time zones, but am curious if there are any known/open bugs related to that.