Duplicate project / notebook


Would you have a method to do this?


Try it like described here

Be aware to first press ctrl.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with detecting the gesture when Ctrl is pressed after the drag begins. A new method to copy items will be added to reduce confusion.

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Thanks for your help.
I tried the proposed method. I work with the Ubuntu application.
I can duplicate the task without any problem.
I can not duplicate the project or the “notebook”.
I have the same need as @manu .
There is a project that I want to reuse. I wish to be able to put it like model in “notebooks”, then with a simple method to convert it like new project

If you click on the “Projects” or “Notebooks” heading, you will see the list of projects or notebooks similarly to the list of individual items. From this view, you can duplicate the project or notebook with the same method as the individual items.

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Hi @tonymottaz
I did not select the project in the right place !!
It remains to select several tasks at the same time