Duplicated repeating scheduled/focussed actions


First post here, it’s great to have such an app available for GNU/Linux users! Much appreciated.

So here’s the description: I’ve noticed items that are set to repeat in any given frequency but are not set as completed before next repetition get duplicated.

Since its a repeating action (a habit, for example: take a morning jog), I think it’s undesirable to have the item duplicated, even if the action has not been completed.

It really adds much noise to the focussed items list.

What do you think?

This is by design. Each repeating copy exists on it’s own and has it’s own state. This has pros and cons. There have been suggestions to add a option for a different behavior of repeating tasks, where a new task doesn’t get created until the previous one is completed. I think this is a good option and it will be added eventually.

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Hi Andrei,
Thank you for this explanation. I second the implementation of the option you describe, to allow that no duplicates are created on repeated actions, when deemed more appropriate or practical.

For me, this would especially be the case of daily routine/habits which I’d like to have in my focus list, but not have to delete if I don’t get to practice these every day.