Duplicated tag, cannot remove

Very easy to replicate. Just create any note, and give it a tag (e.g “Organization”). Then create another note with the same tag (“Organization”), neither with quotes. Then you’ll find something like this:

Please fix : (

P.S: To clarify, this is after you remove both tags from both notes and save both then open any note.

P.S2: If you cannot replicate it. Try with a tag named “Organization” and another as “organization”. Maybe this happens because upper and lower case are deemed as separate tags even if they’re the same one. Also why can’t I delete tags from the drop box menu? Where do I do that?

To remove a tag, you can go to tag manager (press T key).
The duplication issue I couldn’t reproduce so far.

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Oh I got it now. You just need to type the same new tag name twice and then save.

As far as I understand this only happens when a tag didn’t exist before and then it’s being added twice to the same item.

This is a bug of course and it will be fixed in the next release. Thank you for catching and reporting it.

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