Early access builds (desktop)

Changes in 1.8.0

  • Quick capture now supports the same inline commands as the normal item editor.
  • Shortened links are now trimmed to a 50-character prefix.
  • Fixed: application errors related to the quick capture window on macOS.
  • Fixed: search not working sometimes.
  • Fixed: tag updates are not getting synced from mobile apps to the desktop app.


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Hi @Andrei

Thank you ! This is great news. The only thing that is missing now is to be able to paste several lines in “quick capture” with the same behavior as on mobile: the first line is the title; the rest is in the description.
But it’s already great.

There is an embarrassing issue with the link shortening - it displays the ... after all links, even the ones not shortened. It will be fixed before public release.

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Is there any progress towards a native apple silicon build?

Changes in 1.8.1

  • Fixed: “update template” does not copy Time and Energy to the template.
  • Fixed: Non-shortened URLs appear with ... at the end.


Is there a benefit to the community to testing these early access builds or are they solid enough to not benefit much from community testing? While my time is limited and it’s usually less time invested using a generally released build, I’m open to early access testing.

Since we’ve started the train of “just one more tiny, super small, really insignificant” feature creep :wink:

A big efficiency gain would be if capture automatically pasted contents of the copy/paste buffer into the notes (and displayed notes field) while typing focus remained in the title (as it is currently)

Allows capturing of info on pages as well as info from your head. Workflow:

  1. Highlight text section, URL etc.
  2. Ctrl-C or copy
  3. Ctrl-e for Everdo capture
  4. Type title as highlighted info is already in Notes of task
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The benefit is getting a fix for a bug or a new feature as soon as possible. If there is nothing in the change log that seems important to you, then there is probably no benefit in upgrading early.

These builds are safe to run, worst case something that was working previously got broken and you need to rollback to a previous build, which should be easy.


I guess I meant…is there benefit to the developers to having the community run these early builds? QA etc.

Ah, my bad, in this case, of course there is also a benefit - the earlier a defect is caught, the better!

Changes in 1.8.2

  • Fixed: manual sorting does not work in the Focus list when grouped by item type.


Ok. I’ll QA future early release builds. For some reason, my normal usage always stress tests systems. Apple actually gave me 2 new iPads at a big discount because they couldn’t solve my normal usage issues (no abnormal stuff like jailbreaking involved) in their current models.


Changes in 1.8.5

  • Fixed: Local network sync sometimes leads to an error.
  • Fixed: Onenote links in items don’t open.


Changes in 1.8.6


Hi @Andrei

Is there any chance to see this implemented ?

And in general what’s your plan for 2023 ?