Editing Tags/Areas does not retroactively adjust tasks without rebooting

Changing color or editing Tag text and saving changes does not adjust the tags on the items already created on tasks, Filtering seems to still work with the mismatch between edited tag and tags on existing tasks.

Creating a new item with the edited tag shows up correctly.

Rebooting Everdo gets all the changes showing up properly.

No need to fix. Perhaps this note will be enough for other users who run into this problem

Environment: Linux server Mint 20.3, Everdo 1.7.7

There is something strange going on here. Are you using the tag manager window to edit tags?

My use case was:
Edit an area name. e.g. “Physical” to “A:Physical”, change tag colour to green, save changes then use those changes throughout Everdo.

  1. Tried the Area “Manage Tag” screen
  2. Made the changes and saved
  3. change didn’t replicate out even though it showed correctly in the “Manage Tags” screen

Just now a retried with multiple tags, it didn’t replicate then it did. I don’t know what changed.

Also, as related to another bug but may help here. The tag changes synched to Android, but not to a client Linux Everdo instance.

Since there is a reasonable workaround and changing Areas/Tags doesn’t occur often, I’d vote to not spend effort on this given all the other opportunities to expand Everdo’s capabilities and revenue.