Error While trying to Full screen {F11} in Ubuntu 20.04

Everdo Version = 1.5.8
System = Ubuntu 20.04
May be it’s electron rendering issue in everdo

Does resizing work correctly?
When did it start / got noticed?

No after afer resize to full screen Evedo Freeze. Nothing work after that
I just installed it in my ubuntu 20.04 using Debian file . and when i just press F11 issue started .

What happens when resizing to a different window size manually? Or when pressing the maximize button in the corner of the window?

Once You make it full screen . now if you want to minimise it . it would gone freeze. Only problem with F11 .

Understood. Thank you for reporting.

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Sir Please Let me Know whenever the Bug is Fixed :frowning: :heart_decoration:

Of course. It’s being investigated now.

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