ESS Sync Issue with Everdo - Old Tasks Appearing on One Device Only

Hey everyone,

I’m facing a rather perplexing issue with Everdo across my devices and could use some insights or advice if anyone has experienced something similar. Here’s what’s been happening:

I’ve been using Everdo to manage my tasks and projects across four devices using ESS: my work laptop (Windows 10), personal laptop (Windows 11), iPhone, and iPad. It’s been working seamlessly so far, but recently I encountered an unexpected problem.

Today, I noticed that the number of items in my Everdo inbox on my work laptop was one more than what I saw on my iPad. Thinking it was a simple syncing glitch, I initiated a manual sync to see if the discrepancy would be resolved. Unfortunately, the manual sync didn’t seem to have any effect—the extra item on my work laptop’s inbox persisted.

In an attempt to troubleshoot, I decided to click on the “Clean Pull” option, assuming it might help clear up the inconsistency. However, to my surprise, things took a turn for the worse. Within a matter of seconds, a ton of old tasks and projects, which I had presumably removed a while back, suddenly reappeared on my Everdo work laptop. It’s important to note that none of these tasks appeared on my other devices; they seemed to be isolated solely to the work laptop.

I managed to clear out the old tasks and projects that were causing the problem. However, now every time I click on the “Clean Pull” or “Pull” option, the old data that I previously removed comes back—again, this issue is specific to my Everdo work laptop.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue with Everdo? What steps did you take to resolve it? I’m hesitant to tamper too much further without some guidance, as I wouldn’t want to inadvertently worsen the situation. Also, I’m at a crossroads here, debating whether to continue my usage of Everdo or explore other alternatives that might offer a more reliable experience.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Hi Rishen, is this still an issue for you?

Hello Andrei, thankfully the issue was fixed when I manually removed all the old tasks and now the new ones are properly synced. Thank you.