Everdo 1.0.6 - CSV Export, Sync Improvements- Everdo

This feature allow you to get all your data out in a standard Excel-readable format for the purposes of reporting and analysis.

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Just a reminder - here’s a full list of inline commands currently supported in Everdo:

command example
focus item :f
set time in minutes :t 10m
:t 10
set energy to High :e h
:e high
set energy to Medium :e m
:e med
set energy to Low :e l
:e low
set deadline for Today :d
set deadline n days in the future/past :d +5
:d 5
:d -1

Great and fast update!

Now i can mark as focus a task inside the task view but i can’t unmark this option. One proposal, add the possibility of clear the focus option in inline commands, example:

focus :f clear or :f c

The same for energy, time and deadline.

Great job, thanks!

You’re right, some kind of “clear” keyword needs to be added for almost all commands.