Everdo AppImage does not propagate --datadir command

Hi, I am under Linux but I would share my Everdo todo database with my Windows terminal. They both have access to share X:

Under linux I do;


cd Everdo
./Everdo-1.5.14.AppImage --datadir /home/NNNN/x_drive/appdata/everdo

Which points to an empty dir. I expect that one to be populated with Everdo data. However it still get the old database that is in ~/.config/everdo

The dir itself is a symbolic link that points to a /mnt/… I have read/write access on that folder and the symbolic link works. I tried the direct /mnt/homedirs/NNN/appdata/everdo it has the same effect.

Is this the way it is supposed to work? I rather use the AppImage to prevent system pollution. I am under Ubuntu 20.

Try capital D, as in --dataDir /home/NNNN/x_drive/appdata/everdo

Oh what an oversight! It works now, thank you! :grimacing: