Everdo Desktop 1.2.2, Encrypted Sync Beta- Everdo


Thank for the link !


Ok I reset my password, my computer at home and my phone are ok.

But I can’t log in with my computer at work. I’m behind a firewall but I allow everdo.net and monitor shows that traffic isn’t block.

I can loggin to sync.everdo.net. Does app use something else ?


Hi Andrei,

I got an e-mail notification about subscription expiration a week before the upcoming expiration of when I activated my account.

May I ask if the beta has ended or is ending this month?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it’s ended. The service is stable as far as I can tell based on user reports. Please let me know if haven’t had a chance to demo it yet, or if you are experiencing issues.


Is it possible to modify email address use to subscribe to encrypted sync ?


There’s no way in the the web interface at the moment, but I can do it if needed. I’ll send you a PM with details.


I’m not getting the email, any idea why?


Is it possible to avoid getting e-mails about the encrypted service subscription? I already bought an Everdo license and I would prefer to host my own server, but I’m constantly getting these e-mails.


Which emails? You shouldn’t be getting any… Please PM me the contents and I’ll see what’s going on.


I sent you a private message.


The emails @alexpro refereed to were intended to remind the user of his subscription about to expire.

By design the user should receive one reminder 7 days before the expiration, and one more within 24 hours of the expiration time.

Because of an error in the notification script, some users received extra emails, which probably caused some inconvenience.

This was not intended, of course. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. All is sorted out now.

Thanks @alexpro for bringing this to my attention!