Everdo Desktop Update 1.1.8

While we were busy with the Android app, the core Everdo app accumulated some bug fixes and improvements.

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I know I’m boring, but could it be “Copy” and “Convert to actions”, with capital letters?
Let’s keep the GUI pretty! :wink:

Hmm it seems like most menus do use lowercase. But some don’t. You are right, there’s a lack of consistency there that needs some attention.

Many thanks for the OSX friendly shortcuts. Already using them!

Nice feature I just discovered I was wondering myself how to do this. I just tried and it works super awesome but would be it cool to delete the actual note itself from the original item who had the checklist.


  1. Go to actions with check list
  2. click convert to actions
  3. see the actions
  4. but now the original action with the check list still has the note.

Thoughts ??

I believe it was discussed some time ago but I can’t find it …