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setting to ignore SSL errors

How to set the property to start ignoring ssl errors?


Settings -> Sync -> Encrypted sync settings


There are only username, password and device name to setup. Nothing else.


Right, I think it’s hidden unless the ESS sync is actually configured. This setting was added for ESS users who have trouble syncing from within some corporate networks.

I see the issue though if the login doesn’t work as well… In this case you’d still have to sign in on a network where sign in works and then enable the setting.

There’s also the option to add "strictSSL":false to app configuration file (config.json). That would do exactly the same as using the UI setting.

In any case, this is obviously a mistake and needs to be fixed.


Wow, sync is very fast and reliable using VPN with latest version. Previous version failed.
Great update!


Thanks for the option. It works great behind a corporate proxy.


I’m a bit confused about Contexts. I have a strong feeling that in previous versions every time when I typed @something in a task title, the appropriate context was assigned to it. In this version, nothing is assigned. I looked through documentation and did not find anything about auto-context tags… Was it actually implemented before?


No, it definitely never worked that way.


Do you plan to add an option / panel to group tags ?

I have a lot of tags and it’s not easy actually to display all.


How would that work?


Maybe a “tags” button to open a windows to display all tags available for the current screen.

You can have two part for this window :

  • first part for current active tags even if the screen don’t have it (to easily remove it)
  • second part for tags available for this screen.

This way you don’t have all tags display at the top of lists.