Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.17- Everdo

It's now possible to go back after switching the view. For example, when reviewing projects, you can open the selected project by pressing "Alt+Enter", then go back by pressing "Backspace". This works for any list in the navigation section on the left.

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Great update, although back switching doesn’t work (azerty keyboard).

I select a project in projects list, enter in project with alt + enter and when I press escape key, it doesn’t go back.

This is strange. What is your OS?

It doesn’t want to go back for me either. Same:

I’m on Windows.

It was tested on Windows 10. There must be another factor here.

Haha so the post says “Esc”, but it should really be “Backspace” :laughing:.

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:smile: You found the factor! Backspace works :slight_smile:

Great new feature about switching views. I’m surprised it doesn’t work with Mouse4 and Mouse5. Those would be the obvious choice for me as it’s the same in most applications, for example a web browser. Could you please add that as well?

Well, it doesn’t just automatically happen :slight_smile: The goal here was to extend keyboard navigation capabilities, further reducing the need for mouse.

Right. I’d still vote in favor of it. I can understand that you don’t want bloat and I don’t think 0% mouse usage is your goal, right? After all, you implemented drag&drop like to move from next to someday, the settings need a mouse etc. I definitely appreciate the keyboard shortcuts. I was just hoping for the mouse ones as well :slight_smile: Do you feel it’s unnecessary or takes away from the mission?

Yeah it works !

Just a thing, is it possible to go back at the same scroll level ? For now, when we go back it’s a the top of list.

I’m fine with supporting this, as long as it’s really a standard feature and technically feasible. I’ve never had much experience with more than two mouse buttons, so I would need to learn more.

Yes, that would be nice. It doesn’t work like this automatically because of some technical choices, but it still might be possible to implement.

Cool, that’s great to hear. Your mouse lacking these buttons also explains why it’s not implemented. Mouse4 and Mouse5 are the buttons at the thumb, one is for forward and one for backward. This is standard functionality under Windows and Linux, for file browsers, web browsers, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Pycharm etc. For the text editors it switches between opened files. For Pycharm it’s even cooler. If you click on the method name of a function call for example, it takes you to the definition of the function. Regardless if it’s in the same file or not. By pressing Mouse5 (backward), you jump back to the original function call. That makes it handy for programming, but that’s just my preference.

By standard I mean it works out of the box with any USB mouse you connect with any of the before mentioned software, without configuration. Since you implemented the functionality already, it should be sufficient to add a hook for these two events and then call the other method. How exactly this is done might be of course messy. But Visual Studio Code works too and that is based on Electron. So there must be a way. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a good sign :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!

When we use the global area filter then we can see only projects which have this area ascribed.
And then when we add an item within these project it automatically adds an area tag because it is an active filter but it should not happen because this tag is inherited form project.

When I use up/down arrows to move over items on the list then the scrollbar which belongs to the left side panel is also moving. As a result, the left side panel is scrolling up and down.

I was able to reproduce this. As a temporary workaround, click anywhere in the right side of the app. Also, j/k for up/down movement is not affected. Thank you for taking the time to report. It will be fixed in the next update if possible.