Everdo Desktop Update 1.2.6

The active filters will be preserved instead of being reset every time. The same applies to the grouping preferences (Default / By Project).

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Nice Featue! But it does not work with a german keyboard layout (qwertz)…

Thanks for reporting! I think this can be fixed quickly.

Shortucts doesn’t work here with “Azerty” keyboard :confused:

It’s been reported that the new shortcuts work weird (delayed) for some users. Sorry about that. It will be fixed.

I’ve noticed that in the latest version, doing a pull while in manual client does not update the changes made in the server. “Automatic” client seems to work, though.

Both client and server are running the latest version, 1.2.6.

Confirmed, a fix is coming.

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Great, thank you very much.

Update has been published (1.2.8) to address the issues:

  • manual pull bug with network sync
  • collapse / expand hotkeys on non-qwerty layouts

Please use the download form at Best GTD App for Getting Things Done on Linux and Cross-Platform - Everdo to get the new installer for your platform.

EDIT: Feel free to skip this update if the mentioned issues don’t affect you.

Thank you very much! How does it work with non-qwerty keyboards? Which keys can I use?

On qwerty keyboard,

] or Alt + ]

collaspe all both.


[ or Alt + [
Move to Someday / Maybe list because it’s touch number 5.

OK it turns out the easy fix for the shortcuts didn’t really work. The ] and [ keys still don’t work properly on qwertz and azerty layouts because now they conflict with numbers, not to mention the inconvenience of typing these brackets. The proper way to fix this is to use completely different hotkeys…

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