Everdo FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why Was Everdo Created?

In short, because there wasn’t an app like this before.

There was no GTD app that’s simultaneously easy to use, good-looking, worked on all desktop platforms, wasn’t dependent on the internet or SAAS and gave the users full ownership of the data.

What Is The Mission/Goals Of Everdo

We want Everdo to be The Only GTD App You Will Ever Need

Core Values of Everdo are:

  • Low-friction user experience
  • Data privacy
  • Future-proof solution

Please visit Everdo Mission and Values blog post to learn more about what this means.

What Are The Plans / Roadmap For Development?

Please visit our Roadmap Page to learn the plans for the nearest future.

Why Isn’t Everdo Completely Free / Open Source?

We want Everdo to fulfill it’s mission and be a stable, lasting project that will help people for many years.
To achieve that, we need a stable development team, which in turn requires a source of revenue.


Does Everdo support nested sub-Tasks?

Everdo only supports projects and sub-tasks (project actions).This is done intentionally for good reasons and is unlikely to change.
You can achieve additional nesting by using checklists and tags.

Where is my data stored?

on Linux: ~/.config/everdo/db
on OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/everdo/db
on Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Everdo\db

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