Everdo Feature Ideas


I’d vote for that one too.



When you add an action to a project with tags, this action get these tags, right.

Is it possible to show them in tags list on editing / adding task ? I don’t fully remember tags on parent.

Edit : on focus list, do you think it judicious to separate scheduled task and others ?

Edit 2 : on mobile, when a “waiting for” task is link to a contact, it display how many day but when there’s no # behind contact tag or “Someone”, days count isn’t displayed. Screenshot_20190725-065509_Everdo

Edit 3 : on desktop, when you click on “waiting for” for a new task, it will be great to directly be able to type into contact input


Great news. Will you add time to a task or it’ll be only date reminder ?


Now on a filter bar, tags (areas, contexts, contacts, labels) are presented alphabetically. I believe it would be better to group them by meaning: all areas, then all contexts, all labels, all contacts.
What do you think?


Yes, this is by design. The tag is not actually added to the action, but it is “inherited”, similarly as the project-level tags are inherited by sub-actions. This can be useful for tag-based filtering.
Not sure why this was missed in mobile apps.

This does seem wrong.

Why do you think it would be helpful? I think alphabetical may be easier to navigate. When it comes to the filter section, there’s no semantic difference between different types of tags - they all work in the same way. Therefore I don’t see what benefit is gained by groping tags.


Any updates for these questions ?


This looks like a bug. It will be investigated.


Why do you need to remember tags on the parent?

It will be a time-based reminder. So the scheduled action will be created as usual, but it will also trigger a reminder at specific time of day.


I think I will find this most easily to read if we have different section on focus list like :

  • tasks scheduled
  • project scheduled
  • task starred
  • project starred

I know there’s some different on UI to recognize them but for me it will work better if everything it’s separate.

With all my project, when I add a task I don’t fully remember if this parent have @internet or not…
For one / two tags I can manage but if I must organize 10/15 tasks on my inbox with 4/5 tags for each, I can gain time if I can see witch tags are already on parent.


For example :


I find my focus view today not very clear. I expect tasks to be sort by due date.

When I have sometime, I quickly want to see older task and now I must scroll all the list and look at each task.

I know focus list purpose isn-t to be very long but when you miss multiple days because of something…


I think I understand what the problem is. Once you select a parent for an inbox item, you would like to see which tags would be inherited from the parent, correct?


That’s right :slight_smile: