Everdo Feature Ideas


On Android you could implement the Google assistant command “OK Google take a note…”

Probably the easiest way would be a shortcut which directly triggers a new input. See https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/shortcuts


There are only a couple to choose from.

  1. floating bubble (my favorite)
  2. permanent notification
  3. widget
  4. long press icon
  5. gesture on home button or power button

Are there more than this?


For me the best way to implement this feature is to add a quick setting tile like Todoist.

This way no floating bubble all the time but only two click from any app to take a quick capture :slight_smile:



I would like to have an option to export archived entries (with selectable date-range) into several external databases to archive them offline (not only the option to load only the last 90 days). As a second step it would be cool to have an archive reader (or everdo coul load an archive for viewing) to view this archives without loading the current database.



It would also be cool to see the date (perhaps time) when I checked the done checkmark for every item (for documentation at work)


Are you taking about “share to Everdo inbox”?

This already exists.



No I don’t talk about sharing.

On android you can add button to statut bar like this


So you swipe once to open notification then you have access to the button.


This is something I wasn’t even aware existed, despite using Android for years.


What do you mean external databases? Please note that there’s a sqlite database file where you can access all the items, including the archived ones.


It will mean at the moment I can set archive days (standard 90) which only loads the last 90 days to get a good speed.

What happens when I use Everdo for 5 years and have a big database? I look for an old item and has to set archive days to 1825 to load all 5 years and look for the interesting item. Perhaps it will work perfect, perhaps it will be very slow and perhaps it will hang up - I don’t know.

Therefore I had the idea to export the archive from the actual working database to some separate archive databases (for example archive 2019, archive 2020, …) so every database will be slim enough.

The only thing which will be needed is a archive viewer or an option in everdo to load an archive for looking for old items.

In my oppinion it should be a perfect tool which is consistent for a lot of years (I can trust) and I can find even very old items.

What do you think.


What I’m trying to say is why not use the database file directly? There are nice open source tools for browsing sqlite, for example https://sqlitebrowser.org/

With just a little bit of SQL you can extract any historical data you want without relying on the Everdo UI, which is optimized for viewing non-archived items only.

I forgot to point out that when working with SQL, the database size effectively doesn’t matter (in our use case at least) so you can have 20 years worth of data in the same file and query it instantly.