Everdo Feature Ideas

Thanks Andrei - i will check. I am sure followers will be happy to let things grow organically even if its an export feature but theres nothing like having a report generator as a feature for future in mind.

I even prefer reporting over eg. apps. as reports can be stored in an archival system nicely etc - if you have a look at google keep for example theres a one click button that says archive to google docs by the way. Thats a really, really good feature.

On a related note, one of the things I like most about Everdo is the way it stores data. Everything is in an Sqlite database, on your machine.

So in a way, everything is already archived and can be kept forever in a timeless way. Just make sure to backup the DB file once in a while.

The Everdo database file can also be read by other apps and scripts to generate any kind of report one wants. This requires some programming skills, but it’s powerful.

Yeah, that’s geeky but maybe not realistic for most. Unless you would begin to offer such scripts.

Currently this isn’t really something I’m looking for, but maybe an export to Excel (or similar) could be helpful. It’s a format most understand and can work with. Easy to filter. Can do all kinds of time calculations; excellent for reporting. Offloads the whole reporting development to a tool already geared to it.

I think that’s a a great idea!

Could we have a button in the settings modal to remove all tutorial contents such as task, notes, tags, etc…?
I didn’t see this as a problem before, but now that the sync feature is out, it would be great to be able to clear out all the tutorial items with one click. Especially when you’d like to sync with more than 2 devices.

When you first run the app, there is a “Delete Tutorial” button next to the search box. It’s been added in yesterday’s release. It’s only visible on the first run though.

Two part wishlist. I searched but didn’t see anyone ask for a web-accessible version yet. I imagine that this runs counter to your core business model (Everdo works without a cloud. All your data is kept private on your PC in an open format.) so I understand if it is not a priority. Maybe as a part of sync there is a way for users to bear the burden of self-hosting somehow and if that would then support a web-clipper/browser extension.

What I am really after is an easy method for gathering and bringing information and ideas into Everdo. Having used/tested more than 250 productivity apps over the past several years, a quality web clipper has been my most treasured feature. I have most commonly seen/used Chrome extensions, but I imagine there may be other methods. If a browser extension is not realistic maybe there is another way of providing this functionality for Everdo (e.g. drag and drop). Anything that allows us to very easily gather info from the web into Everdo.

Evernote has always done this well. Todoist, Wunderlist, Ryver, One Note, Keep, Yanado all are solid. Trello, Asana, and Webjets are pretty good. Milanote is one of the best. Dozens of other apps have these types of extensions and I find this to be a critical feature. Hopefully, it makes it onto your roadmap.

I think a browser extension would work well for this. I’ll add it to the list.


That would be fantastic! Thank you for the response.

It would be great to have the possibility to set the base directory for Everdo to some file sync directory like one provided by Seafile, e.g.


With this I could work on the same Everdo database on my laptop at home and on my workstation at work. Synchronization would be taken care of by Seafile.

The ability to customize the database file path can be added, but it won’t work well for syncing purposes in my understanding. In any case where you modify data on both devices in between sync events, you will lose updates from one of the devices because the database will be treated as a binary file that can’t be merged.

Thank you for the quick answer.

I am not thinking about some sophisticated sync mechanism. Just a possibility to have the Everdo base directory on a network share like Seafile or Dropbox. Here is what be nice for me to have: I use Everdo on my workstation at work and the working directory of Everdo is within a Dropbox or Seafile share. At the end of my work day I close Everdo. At home I want to work with Everdo on my Laptop where I also have the Everdo working directory configured to be on a Dropbox or Everdo share. This way I always have the same Everdo data. If I forget to close Everdo on my workstation at work, I of course will have a Everdo database conflict. But this is ok for me. I use this kind of setup satisfactorily with a desktop wiki called Zim.

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Well this makes sense as long as you understand the risk.

I just realized there is already a way to customize the database path via configuration. It’s used mainly for testing, so it’s not an “official” feature.

Basically you add a property databaseFilename to config.json

  1. go to Everdo data directory - %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Everdo on Windows
  2. :warning: backup config.json and db :warning:
  3. open config.json and add databaseFilename setting to the configuration object
  4. the value should be the database file path you want relative to the data directory

If your synced folder is %USERPROFILE%\Dropbox, you add

"databaseFilename": "..\\..\\..\\Dropbox\\db",

For example

"zoomFactor": 1,
"databaseFilename": "..\\..\\..\\Dropbox\\db",
"archiveDays": 90,

On linux/mac the path should use then normal / instead of \\.

  1. move the database file to your desired location

you can also rename the file as long as you update the configuration

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Perfect! Works on my workstation at work. I will try the settings at home tonight. Seems that I now have the perfect solution for me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Are you panning to make Notebooks convertible in to Projects? That way we can use them as templates.

I would also really like the ability to create custom properties on tasks. Currently we have Time and Energy, but it would be great if you implemented (or if we were able to create custom fields to implement) Cost and Benefit.

It would also be good to be able to sort the tasks by this value since they are all numbers.

Hope that helps

An example of a Smart list would be the ability to automatically bring all tasks together into a list if they match a filter.

For example, I could create a smart list with the Filters: “Due by 10 May, Tag: Work, Energy: Low.”

You might want to look at the app RememberTheMilk for ideas.

You can convert a notebook by dragging it to “Projects”

I’m afraid this is not happening. I get where you are coming from with cost/benefit example. I do this all the time. But I think this use case is too specialized and it’s better left to spreadsheets. By the way the CSV export feature may help here.

Yep those are quite common in some apps. Very doable too. I’m going to need to do some research into use cases.

Thank you for your reply. I totally understand :+1:
Do you have any tips or any software you use for cost/benefit of features? The text editing in spreadsheets can be so messy.

I personally use google sheets for everything of this sort. There’s usually not much text editing involved. The power of spreadsheets is the ability to do ad-hoc calculations and charts on any kind of data with little effort. No specialized software can come close to this flexibility without becoming basically a spreadsheet.

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Hi all,

I’m a happy new Everdo user :slight_smile:

I suggest the ability to convert a task into a project would be a useful new feature. I tried to browse through this forum topic and the development roadmap and did not see it mentioned there.

The idea is that I put in the inbox stuff that I want to be done somehow. In Everdo anything in the inbox is a task, though many things I put there end up being projects, and I end up copy-pasting their title and content into a new project. I think it would my my life easier if it was possible to convert directly task to project, at least for the tasks that are present in the inbox.

What do you think ?