Everdo Feature Ideas



I don’t know if it already be proposed but I tried amazing Marvin and even if it doesn’t build around GTD I think some features worth it :

  • weekly review tasks : people add custom task and it appears during weekly review. For example _clear mind _review project _thinking about…

  • back burner : it serves to ‘store’ tasks to hide it from list but keep it for later like monthly review. Kind of someday list.

What do you think of these features ?



Not sure I got this one. But couldn’t this be done by scheduling a weekly review action with a checklist attached to it?

Got it, but how does it actually differ from Someday? You could also use a label for such “back burner” actions to hide them from normal review. There’s also a feature proposed to allow the creation of custom lists based on tags and other properties.

Overall, we’d like to avoid introducing new functionality if it’s just one more way to do the same thing.


Yes you’re right it can be done right now without adding stuff. However (maybe only for me) I think it’s better to introduce things to help people to organize stuff.

I have todoist premium right now and basically I can do everything with categories, labels and filters but it isn’t easy to manage everyday.

But I get your point.


Hello Andrei,

I searched around but it seems that we don’t have a keyboard shortcut to toggle expanding/collapsing the notes/description of an item.

We only have the collapse/expand all button that needs to be clicked. That’s good but when navigating through all items with description collapsed with just the keyboard, it breaks my flow by having to click the triangle to expand when I only wanted to skim the description (not edit which can be accomplished by pressing enter).

I hope you get what I mean.



I am unsure if this should be listed as a feature idea or a bug. I have recently noticed that if I am creating a task on android and need to switch out of the app for any reason the unsaved task will be lost. I wonder if there is a was to have a system like “drafts” in email?

Thank you.


Oh wow, this is great news.

So I could query the database and find out total duration of tasks on a given date?

The possibilities are endless!


There isn’t one at this moment. Suggestions for which keys to use are appreciated :slight_smile: Is there’s a generally used shortcut for expand/collapse, apart from space which is taken?


This would work, provided you have time specified on the actions completed in a specific time period:

select sum(time) from item 
where completed_on 
    between strftime('%s', '2019-01-01')
    and     strftime('%s', '2019-01-02');


This case wasn’t really considered during development… Implementing drafts is too heavy of a feature for this I guess. But there may be a way to handle it better. I’ll do some thinking.


The only times it has been an issue is when. A call comes in while I am editing a task which isn’t often but has still happened.

My first thought would be to defaulting to saving the task as is when there is an interruption but maybe prepend a string like “[incomplete]” to the title.


Yes, this makes sense. It definitely needs to be handled.


For j/k navigation maybe we could use o? For the arrow keys, I think the right arrow would be a good fit (plus it matches the arrow that we click on the UI).

I don’t know but space seem to fit very well for this purpose but is already taken.

Just putting this out here, m can be used to mark items as done (which space does) then re-assign space to toggle the description but I doubt this would happen since most users have to re-learn the changed shortcuts.


Sorry to bring this up again, but I’m looking for the said feature.

In the GTD book, it was brought up that it’s good and useful habit to date things.

When I’m capturing stuff on the inbox, I always have to type the date and approximate time the stuff occurred to me.


The exact time information does exist in the database and is available in the CSV export, so it’s not a problem technically.
But to display the times on the UI optimally I really do need to understand the use case.

I think o might come handy for something else. I did a bit of research and some apps seem to be using the bracket keys for folding
I’m going to try [ and ] for collapse/expand with Alt modifier to collapse all / expand all.


That’s good to know! That will work for me. I only need to pull that information from time to time and is not needed to be on the UI all the time.

I’m cool with this. What about those who use arrow keys? Will you consider the left/right arrows?

I’m now excited to get this feature on future updates.

Thank you Andrei!


I’ve seen good realization of quick task add in Windows app of two ticks :slight_smile:
Pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[A] anywhere launches big line for adding task, setting project (list), due dates and so.

Would be great to have something similar.


Just a wish: When in the New Item dialog, it would be nice to set the project by searching for keywords instead of going through an alphabetic list. Like in Todoist. :slight_smile:

This might be just me, but I often forget the start of project names (e.g. was it “Get items for…” or “Fetch items for…”?). It takes a while going through the project list, and the dropdown menu doesn’t contain the full project name either.



Will it be possible to filter by multiple tags ?

When I’m on next view for example, I wich to filter tasks without tag “@cabinet” and “@computer_work” and with tag “@mobile” for example.

Currently we can only select (or deselect) one tag.


This is possible.
On desktop by by Ctrl+Left Click or Ctrl+Right Click (negative)
On mobile by Tap and Long tap (negative)


Oooh it works with multiple tags.

I don’t know what’s happened, it didn’t work before with multiple tag.

Is it possible to have a icon / message when sync is in progress ?

Edit : when you have a project with sequential tasks, when task 1 is waiting for someone, task 2 shows in next list. Is it possible to avoid this as I need to wait for task 1 before going further.

Edit2 : tags aren’t sync right now ? On my phone, I have a lot of tags unused and not on desktop.