Everdo Feature Ideas


Be able to put an entire project to Waiting for will be great to :slight_smile:



Me again :confused:

Will it be possible to see year on scheduled list ? For now we only see month and day number.

Edit : and in due date


Wouldn’t it be better to simply put this info into note’s title or description?

There was a suggestion to be able to “pause” projects which are being blocked by a Waiting action. That would prevent next actions from from the project appearing in Next until the waiting item is done.

But putting the whole project in Waiting doesn’t make much sense in my opinion. Why make it a project if it’s going to be delegated.

Yes, this is clearly missing in the Desktop app.


For the due date on notes, yes it works I use that right now, it just doesn’t count how many days since the last time I did it.

But I understand it’s a specific use case !


Hi @Andrei,

It would be fine to see also the year in due dates. Now we only see month and day.

Many thanks


Hi again,

I’m starting to have a lot of project and it’s a bit anoying to reorder them manually.

Could we have the option to choose between sorting manually and Alphabetically, like in Nirvana HQ.

Many thanks.


I thought of something that might convince me to buy multiple subscriptions: inter-user delegation.

Sometimes I delegate tasks to my business partners (usually subtasks that my tasks are waiting on), and vice-versa. The main thing I want from Everdo, is that I still want to be able to keep track of the task after delegating it; even though it’s been delegated, I’m still responsible for it, and possibly my super-task is still dependent on it.

This is outside of core GTD, I know… but given that it’s a natural fit for business users who are willing to spend money, I thought you might like the idea.


It’s a very interesting idea and I think it’s well within GTD - we already have Waiting For, the only thing left is to link contact labels to specific users in the team and it can all work. The implementation requires integrating multiple clients, which is a challenge because there’s no central server. I will keep this idea in mind in the future. Thanks for sharing!


Any plans for integration with Alexa?

“Alexa add new Everdo project ‘clean garage’”


Not any time soon, I’m afraid. The existing list of improvements is too long already.

  • Use something like SyncThing to make synchronization easier to set-up and maintain (if that’s not possible then something like Bonjour would still make it easier to sync on DHCP networks)


Syncthing can’t really work for our use case, unfortunately. But making it easier to pair network devices to seems like a good idea.


This didn’t find its way to the road map.
I’d like to see this information, too. It’s useful meta information, that is most of the time implicit supporting the decisions what to do next.


I am not sure if there was a similar request but I think a visual indicator that sync is in progress would be very useful.


The desktop app can copy the focus list as text but that’s what I really need in the mobile version T_T

That would allow me to use my clipboard manager (Clipo is awesome by the way) to share the list to anything.


I think you should hide an Area label when particular Area is selected.
For example, when I choose a “Work” area I don’t have to see “Work” label next to each task.

It would be very useful especially when we have long area names.
Please consider this.


Not only that but it’s pointless and confusing seeing the AREA tags inside the filter box. When Im in the work area already, I see the area tags to filter and I’m like, "wait? I have a work tag too? Or no, that’s just the area tags showing up. Okay. " Plus I don’t think they get auto highlighted. So just confusing. Areas should be different from tags. They shouldn’t be in the filter tag box


On desktop, the completion timestamp can be shown on hover over the existing date label. Other metadata is tricky as we would need to come up with a good way to show it without cluttering the UI. It might be helpful to understand how such metadata is useful when it comes to making decisions as you say.


A similar improvement does exist in the issue tracking system.


Is there a benefit of clipboard over sharing from the app directly?