Everdo for iOS updates and testing feedback

When I have a repeated task and when try to change its state eg to next or someday the app crashes

Confirmed, will be fixed soon.

After today’s update both issues still exist.

The calendar defect should be resolved in the next update.

The note crash could not be reproduced. A few details would be very helpful. Does it happen on a specific device? Does it happen only when pasting vs typing the same text?

I also found a cause of the scrolling issue reported earlier, so that should be resolved with the update as well.

The calendar issue is fixed.

When it comes to note crash it happens on iPhone XS and iPad pro.
I can create a new task, paste that note and after pressing enter the app crashes. Please note that within the note are emojis icons. Maybe this is a problem?

In today’s iOS release on an iPhone 11 Pro Max I’m seeing immediate crashing when attempting to change the area

Release (17) has fixed the issue. Many thanks.

After today’s update when we have a task with two rows in the labels view section then the second row is cut from the bottom.

Sometimes during scrolling, the screen is automatically scrolled to the opposite direction.
It happens mostly when I scroll from the bottom to the top and the screen comes back to the bottom.

There is one more layout issue.
When we collapse Project, Context or Notebook section then sometimes the collapsed section is partially visible below the trash.
It is visible when we try to scroll the screen even if there is nothing more to scroll.
It happens in today’s update and in the previous one also.

Today my repeated/scheduled tasks didn’t move to ‘Next’. I could see ‘Starts Jan 29’ or ‘Will repeat Jan 29’ on them.
I updated the app on my iPhone this morning before opening it.

Now that I arrived home I just opened the app on my iPad, not having updated to the latest version (1.0 19), and the tasks properly moved to ‘Next’

This is quite difficult to reproduce for me. I managed to do it once, but don’t know a reliable way so far…

I think this is unrelated to the update, as no related changes have been made. If you encounter this in the future, please try killing the app and restarting and see what happens. Thanks.

:+1:t3: Updating on the iPad then, thanks!

When you are setting a task for repeating, it’s possible to set the frequency to ‘every 0 days’. It doesn’t really work properly (I would expect the task to repeat immediately after completion) if you set it up that way, and this is not possible to do on the desktop app.
If you set up a task to repeat every 0 days on mobile, on desktop the date when the task will be repeated shows as ‘invalid’.

Related to: Repeating tasks immediately after completing

It’s a bug that it’s possible to enter 0. There’s no good way to interpret “every 0 days”.
Thanks for reporting!

Edit: I saw your suggestion in the other thread, will have to think about that.

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Thanks Andrei. I have another one for you - second issue here is happening again: Everdo for iOS updates and testing feedback
When you open the app in split view, UI is stretched and you can’t use any of the options/buttons located on the right side of the screen. Sadly, I’m not sure since when it’s happening, I haven’t been using my iPad much lately. At least since version (15) - I was afraid to install previous versions to that one in case it caused issues with synchronization.


image image

(iPad 2017, iOS 13.3)

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Why there is no official info that the app is available via AppStore.
Congratulations @Andrei

Sorry about that. The app got approved and automatically released,. The app version in the App Store is the same as here in beta.

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