Everdo item dates clarification

Hi everyone!

I have just started to evaluate the Everdo app for windows and for now I am confused a little with items creation. Is it possible right now to create a new item in Everdo with the following properties:

  • item due date is set to March, 30 for example;
  • item is having a start date - March, 25 for example. Starting from this date an item will be shown in Next and become checkable.

Same functionality for repeated items. For example - every month I have a task that is having a due date set as some day, but item will become available in Next section 10 earlier the due date.


Hi there!

How to set “Due Date” and “Start Date” at the same time

  1. To add a Due Date, open the task and click “Due Date” button in the bottom right corner to pick a due date
  2. To set a Start Date, click “Scheduled” button and pick “Set Start Date” option

How to set “Due Date” in repeating actions

  1. When you configure repeating rules for a tasks in “repeat task” dialog, check the “due date” checkbox. It means the repeating items will have their due date set to the day when they occur.

It’s not possible to set a due date to something like +10 days on repeating items, but I think it’s a good idea to add this in the future. For now what I do myself in cases like this is move the due date forward manually during a review.