Everdo pro on Android?

Hi Andrei,
in Everdo on Android I am not allowed to add projects. There is always a sign coming up witch refers to Everdo pro. But I have Everdo Pro on desktop. The synch works great (via your service).
When I tap on the “unlock Everdo Pro” Button in Android it only switches to the internal data area of my smartphone.
I can’t find any dokumentation about it. What am I’m supposed to do?

By the way: Love your piece of software. :slight_smile:

Hello Almut

You simply need to copy your product key to your phone and then add it using the menu that you have already found yourself. You can download the product key in your email app on the phone, or use any other approach to copy the file.
Please let me what the difficulty is, if any.

Dear Andrei,
now I get the idea. I put the password into a text file (via atoms) and placed it on my smartphone. But somehow nothing happens. Everdo closes and that it is.
Now I wonder if I put the right data into the file. Maybe it is the password for the synch and I might have lost my serial for Everdo Pro. Would it be possible to send it to me again?
I’m sorry for bothering you with such stuff.

I have send you a PM to discuss this issue further.