Everdo Pro vs Free

What is the advantage of the pro version vs the free one?

On how many devices I can install the program with 1 license?

The benefits of Everdo Pro:

  • Unlimited Projects (vs 5 in free)
  • Unlimited Notebooks (vs 5 in free)
  • Unlimited Areas (vs 2 in free)

You can install the program any devices you use, as long as you are the only user of Everdo.

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Hi @Andrei,

You mean that I only need (and pay) one pro code for using Everdo in several devices (for example Android and Windows).

Is that correct?

In that case I suggest you change your text at the Everdo Pro purchase page. It seems that the code is only for Windows. Please have a look at the screenshot attached.

Rdgs. J.screenshot

Good point. The key will indeed work on both Windows and Android. This text was probably written before the Android app started. It will be corrected. Thank you!

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Hi @Andrei,

I’m seriously considering switching from Nirvana to Everdo, but I’m not used to “pay once” products.

Could you please help me with these doubts:

  1. If you pay once, does it mean that you will never have to pay any more for updates and new versions?

  2. What about the encrypted sync? Is it included for pro users?

  3. Do you plan any promotions offers for early adopters that are currently using (and testing) the app?

Thanks in advance. J.

The idea with “pay once” is that after you purchase a key, you can at the minimum continue using that version for as long as you want.

I cannot guarantee that there will never be an optional feature (or related product or service) that wouldn’t require an additional payment. ESS is an example. But future updates to the core functionality and bug fixes are included in the current price.

No, ESS is priced separately as it’s an optional continuous service. Also it wouldn’t be fair to include (price-in) that in the Pro price because not everyone needs to use it.

Currently no. I consider the current price to be the “early adopter” price. Both Everdo Pro and ESS are very likely going up this year, by the price will remain fixed for those who purchase/subscribe.

Hope this helps!


Today I finally bought the Everdo Pro version.
Bye bye Nirvana. Hello Everdo!!!:+1:t2:


I lost my product key. Must I pay to get another one?

Replied in PM regarding lost key

After half year experimenting with the free one and other products, I purchased the Everdo pro version. I use it on linux + android. It is a great tool!

That’s great to hear, thanks!