Everdo Productivity Tips and Tricks

Hello Everyone! This topic is for sharing your specific tips on using Everdo better and being more productive in general.

In my opinion, one of the most important things in using Everdo effectively is keyboard shortcuts.

They are easy to remember and make big difference in how quickly you can capture and edit tasks.

You can review shortcuts at any time by pressing H while in the app.

Remember that you can save a task at any time by pressing Enter or Ctrl+Enter (while editing notes or tags)
Or you can cancel changes by Esc.

Recurring tasks with checklists are perfect for daily and weekly review.

For example, I have created a scheduled “Weekly Review” task with a checklist of items to go through:

  • review Inbox
  • review/activate Someday projects
  • review Active projects (check next actions)
  • review Notebooks, remove irrelevant items
  • archive items, cleanup trash
  • backup Everdo

I also have several daily checklists to go through for my work and personal stuff.