Everdo search tags

hello when i press “s” and search for a tag it does not show up?

I am afraid Everdo doesn’t search in tags names. I would vote for that feature.

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Search works on items only. But you can search tags in the tag management window.

What do you think should happen when searching for a tag in the context of the list of items?

The best of searching within tags names for me is when we have a few areas of focus, lest say:
pro: X
pro: Y
pro: Z
priv: A
priv: B
priv: C

where prefix “priv” is for private areas and “pro” for professional ones.
We can write in the search function “pro” and as a result get all items from any professional areas. And additionally, we can delve into that list deeper with other filters.

hello andrei

yes i would like tags to show up when pressing “s” search as well, so i can filter only on tags, i find it easier to tag tasks with a name and then search for all similar tasks using tags instead of using projects.

If I understand correctly, you both are suggesting to match the search string against the item’s tags in addition to the current behavior which matches against the title and the description.
I think I see how that could be useful. I’m a little afraid of this approach creating too many false-positive matches, because there can be a large number of items tagged in the same way. Maybe weighting each search result according to the place where a match occurs would help for that.
I think I’ll add this proposal to the list of improvements and see how it works.

How useful do you think this feature would be if we could use logical “or” in filters or areas?

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Basically OR conditions would be awesome.

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